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Superbottoms Plus – Dharti
Superbottoms Plus – Dharti
Superbottoms Plus – Dharti
  • Superbottoms Plus – Dharti
  • Superbottoms Plus – Dharti
  • Superbottoms Plus – Dharti

Superbottoms Plus – Dharti

Superbottoms Cover
diapers are ideally suited for day-time diapering, and if you need
an economical day-time diapering option

Read why Superbottoms
Cover Diapers make for a great Day-Time Diapering solution here

In a cover diaper you
can change the soaker and reuse the outer. This makes Cover Diapers a super economical diapering
option. Extra Dry-Feel soakers are also available here.

Also, with each
change, it is a fresh clean fabric touching your baby’s skin.

Structure: The diaper has a Waterproof outer shell
and comes with 1 Stay-dry soaker. The soakers are lined with a high-quality
stay-dry fabric that keeps baby skin dry even if baby urinates on it

Once a soaker (pad) is
full, you can simply replace it with a fresh pad! Extra Dry-Feel soakers
are also available here.

How to use:

STEP 1: ALWAYS wash the diaper atleast once
before use using detergent.

Skipping this step CAN
CAUSE leaks.

STEP 2: ALWAYS size diaper before use using the
front panel of snaps. There are 12 snaps in front meant for reducing size. The
size must be such that there are NO GAPS around the thigh.

A loose diaper can be
uncomfortable for babies.

STEP 3: Place 1 soaker and fasten it using snaps
onto the cover. IF the cover is reduced in size, FOLD the soaker also to fit

**The soaker must lie
FLAT on the cover properly**

This pack contains one
Superbottoms Cover + 1 Dry-feel soakers. The entire diaper and soakers are
completely washable and reusable.

Always keep the
smoother side touching baby skin.

The diaper has snaps
to increase / decrease size to fit on any baby between 5-17 kg of weight
(approx) When you receive the diaper, do make sure to open the snaps and then
adjust to the right size.

How to wash

· Washing cloth diapers is simple and easy.
Cloth diapers can be washed like regular garments in machine or by hand.

· Use regular detergents such as Surf / Tide and
not liquid detergents containing conditioners / fabric softeners or fragrances.
These additives can cling to the fabric affecting absorbency and also
irritating baby’s delicate skin.

· Also no Detergent bar and use of brush

· The diapers can also be dried in machine or
sun dried

Why Superbottoms?

1. India’s first and only Tested and Certified Cloth Diaper brand
(as per US standards)

2. Super trim crotch diapers

3. Always high quality fabrics keeping baby’s comfort and skin in

4. Super cute prints designed by in-house mom designers

5. Brilliant All-Moms Support Team available on call / whatsapp

**Please Read instructions leaflet and call us on our helpline
at the number mentioned in the flyer.**

Each Superbottoms diaper speaks of excellent quality workmanship
and fabrics to give only the best for your baby.


– This product falls under
Non-refundable category.

– If you are new to cloth
diapering, it may take some learning to get it right. Please feel free to reach
out to us for any help. We will be happy and prompt to reply! Our helpline – / +91 98193 13426