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Cogwheel Game
Cogwheel Game
  • Cogwheel Game
  • Cogwheel Game

Cogwheel Game

Assembling the colourful cogs on the base is only half thefun. You will only be able to tell if your pattern has worked when you crankthe big blue wheel! Are all of the cogs turning and which way do they spin?Made from wood the Cog Wheel Game makes learning creative and fun! Teachesscientic aspects of the gear system while providing ample fun opportunitieswatching the cogs turn in sync


 Skills:Fine Motor Skills, Creativity & Imaginative

Age Group:3 years +

Dimensions: 20.5 x 20.5 cm, wood, 8 pieces


Weight:0.27 kg

SaleUnit:  1 Set



·        Sevencolorful cogs which can be fit into several patterns

·        TheCogwheel works only if it is fit in the right pattern

·        Helpsyour child understand the concept of gears and cogs

·        Extremelysafe and made of high-quality wood and safe colors meeting European standards

·        Great funand learn!