We recently partnered with ILoveCotton (ILC), a Gurgaon-based brand who in their own words “..(are attempting) to create a cult in sustainable living.” 

Says Anjani Ghai Puri, their founder, who comes with more than a decade of experience working with international retail fashion brands, “We aspire to make clothes, home linen, toys and even promote ideas on sustainable & planet-friendly living so our new and future generations are able to see the beauty in the world that’s meant to be. We don’t believe that sustainable living needs to be simple and boring. We love fashion and dressing up the little humans, which has onboarded us on this journey to create products which are chic, trendy, high on fashion and planet-friendly causing least or no harm to our mother Earth.” 

Anjani is extremely passionate about contributing to a more sustainable future instead of adding waste to an already highly-populating industry, the textile industry. They use only natural, biodegradable materials. They focus on using innovative sustainable methodologies to reduce ‘Textile Waste’ by procuring fabrics from mills, suppliers and various garment & home linen manufacturers who have milled or procured extra fabric which has no purpose for them anymore. If and when they do make their own fabric, they ensure that they only make it on handlooms which do not use electricity, thereby supporting the environment and at the same time encourage the production of local weavers in the country. 

Being a young mother herself, Anjani is painfully aware of the speed at which growing children outgrow their clothes! In what we think is an absolutely brilliant move, ILC designs their outfits to be expandable – increasable waists, a dress that converts to a tunic and then a top or openable lengths. If all children’s fashion could go down this route, we’d be looking at a far more sustainable future of the industry and the planet. 

Because Anjani is committed to giving back to society and wanted to make it year-long vs intermittent, ILoveCotton has now partnered with Scift to make that a reality. Post-Covid, they have worked hard to launch a beautiful collection of rag dolls with an equally beautiful story behind them. Each doll has been connected to a different social cause and for every one of them sold by ILC, a small percentage goes to a charity associated with Scift. 

They believe that slowly they can create a culture of giving back to society and our planet in the next generation. We, at Scift, also truly believe that the next generation will be instrumental in changing the way we live and function and we move forward with the belief that with every small ripple, big changes will happen. And happen they will.