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Shishu Mandir is an organization for giving poor, neglected and traumatized children a base for a life in dignity. To achieve this, a home with a family-like atmosphere, a school with small entities of class formations and a vocational training centre for school drop-outs were created. The main aspect of bringing up these youths lies on liberating them from the various social stigmas, by treating them with respect, warmth and understanding. All education is free of any fees. The main criterion is poverty.

‘ASHRAYA’ is a registered, non profit organization started in 1982. ASHRAYA’S mission is to provide non-institutional solutions for underprivileged children through education and family support and to socially and economically empower abused, destitute and abandoned women and children. ASHRAYA’S projects include Community Crèches at 6 different locations in Bengaluru. It provides a safe and stimulating environment for 250 children in the 2.5 – 5 year age group.