Aanya’s 10th Birthday!

Aanya’s 10th Birthday!
CARE | Bangalore |

Event Overview

Hosted By: Aanya George Venugopal

We look forward to celebrating Aanya’s 10th birthday! She has requested instead of gifts, you can support her passion for animals by donating to CARE. Thank you!

Event Timeline & Location

  • From:03-11-2022   12:00 AM
  • To:07-11-2022   11:00 PM
  • Location: Home , Bangalore.

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Charity Name: CARE

Charlies Animal Rescue Centre – CARE is an animal shelter and rescue centre, established in January 2013 in Bangalore, with the aim of providing timely medical aid to injured and ill animals of the street in Bangalore city. On an average, Care provides treatment to hundreds of animals, every month and has more than 300 animals present in the shelter at any given point.CARE is home to many dogs,cats,rabbits, ducks,hens,pigs,guinea pigs,birds and terrapins. They also provides adoptions, humane education in schools, animal cruelty prevention & control and volunteering opportunities.