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Anissia X Gosports Foundation
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Hosted By: Anissia

Anissia was a champion of causes and a steadfast supporter of women’s rights and gender equality. The Gosports Foundation, a well-known non-profit organisation devoted to the development and support of Indian athletes, has started a fundraising effort in her memory. Anissia’s parents have stepped forward to create a scholarship in her honor after her untimely demise. The scholarship seeks to encourage and empower national women athletes by giving them the tools they need to advance in their athletic careers

As a tribute to Anissia’s passion and dedication, the Gosports Foundation has taken the responsibility of organizing a fundraiser to raise funds for this noble cause. The scholarship will not only offer financial assistance to deserving athletes but also provide them with opportunities for mentorship, training, and skill development. By supporting this initiative, donors can contribute to the growth and development of women’s sports in India and make a meaningful impact on the lives of young, talented sportspersons.

Event Timeline & Location

  • From:13-07-2023   12:00 AM
  • To:14-07-2023   12:00 AM
  • Location: Gosports , Gosports.

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Charity Name: GoSports Foundation

GoSports Foundation is a non-profit venture working towards the development of some of India’s top talents in Olympic and Paralympic disciplines, through athlete scholarships and knowledge building programmes. Joined by Rahul Dravid and Pullela Gopichand, the athletes will be provided with a holistic support system comprising financial support, access to crucial sports science interventions, physiotherapy, strength & conditioning, mental conditioning, support to procure training equipment, apparel, and gear, and support with financing tournament entry fees, and associated travel and accommodation costs.