Vianah’s 4th Birthday

Vianah’s 4th Birthday
Wildlife SOS | Aratt Aeris Residences |
Wildlife SOS

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For her birthday this year, Vianah has chosen to raise money for the care and well-being of Mowgli, a bear rescued by Wildlife SOS in 2017.

Mowgli was found orphaned when he was just 10 weeks old.
Initially scared and confused, this tiny cub was terrified of human beings but with time, Mowgli slowly started trusting his keepers and the vets with regular bottles of milk and lots of love.

Vianah would love it if you could donate a token amount towards Mowgli’s care.

Event Timeline & Location

  • From:25-09-2022   11:30 AM
  • To:25-09-2022   02:00 PM
  • Location: 404 , Aratt Aeris Residences.

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Charity Name: Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS was established to make lasting change to protect and conserve India’s natural heritage, forest and biodiversity. They actively work towards protecting Indian wildlife, conserving habitat, studying biodiversity, conducting research and creating alternative and sustainable livelihoods for erstwhile communities that depend on wildlife for sustenance. The largest wildlife rescue organization in India, they run 12 wildlife rescue centers all over the country.