Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Scift is a website that facilitates two kinds of gifting –
1.Someone hosting an event like a birthday party, a wedding, housewarming etc can accept donations on behalf of a charity, from their guests, instead of gifts for their child. Users share their celebrations with charities that champion worthy causes.
This is how it works: You go to the website, and click on “Create an Event”. When you create an event on Scift, you select the charity of your choice, enter your event details and save the event.

Next, you add your guests’ email addresses and send your invitation, or copy paste a unique URL link created for your event, and share via facebook, whatsapp or email according to your preference.

When guests receive the link, they are given the option to contribute money online instead of bringing a gift to the event. After the event has been closed by the host, Scift will transfer the funds to the charity. Processing fees, as described below, are deducted from the funds.

After the event, you can also send thank you cards to guests. At any time, you can login to your ‘Dashboard’ to view/edit your event and track your guests’ contributions.

2.One could also choose to directly gift a friend or loved one a donation to a charity instead of another gift.
This is how it works: You go to the website, and click on “Give a Gift”. The amount you select will go to the charity of your choice and your friend will get an email telling them about the gift they have been given. We will follow this up with an update on the donation both to the Gifter and the Giftee.

Yes, you can send the invitation to your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media. You can do so by simply copying the unique URL link in the ‘Share’ button on the ‘Send’ page or ‘Event Summary’ page once you have logged into your ‘Dashboard’. Your friends will be sent a link to your invitation where they will be able contribute to your event.

You can use Scift for any event where a guest would bring a gift and the host would like to opt not to receive the gift and donate towards charity instead

No. Guests can opt not to contribute if they do not wish to, and instead can get a gift to your event

Yes, the charity will issue every donor a tax receipt. A donor’s PAN number is required for the same.

Charity partners are all registered charities in India that are selected by our in-house team. We adhere to a list of stringent selection criteria in order to ensure that all charities are benefiting important social causes. Charities do not pay to be listed on the Scift platform.

Yes! Scift works very well if you are buying a gift together for a teacher or for a wedding as long as it is linked to an event.

Currently Scift operates only in India. We hope to offer our service globally in due course. This means that our charity partners only consists of India registered charities at the moment, and only accepts Indian credit cards.

For The Host

You can reschedule / change the date of your event through your Event Dashboard after you login. You can access the Event Dashboard in the main menu after you login.

You can cancel your event from Event Dashboard after you login. You can access the Event Dashboard in the main menu after you login.

No, you may only support one charity per event.

No. You must choose a charity listed on Scift.com. You can however request that Scift considers adding your favourite charity to the platform. Should you wish to recommend any local charities that are not on our list, please contact us and we will gladly consider them!

The guests will not be able to see each other’s donations on the website. After the event you may include the amount collected in the thank you message. They would be happy to know how they have helped the charity.

After the invitation has been sent, you cannot change the charity.

Your event will automatically close on the date given by you in the Event Details and no one can donate after that.

Your event will automatically close on the date given by you in the Event Details and no one can donate after that.

For The Guest

Yes, the host can see your donation. However the other donors will not be able to see your name or your donation amount.

The charity will issue a tax receipt in the name of the donor and will send it to the donor’s registered email within 30 days from the receipt of funds.

You can pay via credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer

After completing your contribution, both Scift and the payment provider you used will send a confirmation to you immediately. If you do not receive a confirmation, it means that your payment was unsuccessful and you need to repeat the contribution process. Please check to make sure your credit card can be used for online payments as some cards need special permission for online payments. If you are still not able to complete the payment online, please contact us at hello@scift.com and we will gladly assist you.

Before the event date and before the host closes the event, Scift, at its absolute discretion and on a case-by-case basis, may refund guest contributions. All such refunds, if any, are made net of any applicable refund fee of 10% of donated amount. If you discover you have made a payment error by mistake, please contact us immediately at hello@scift.com.

Please do not forward your invitation to other guests as each invitation is created specifically for each guest. Forwarding the invitation to other guests may create issues with managing contributions.

Processing fee

A total fee of 10% is applied to the fund. This includes all service fees, payment gateway charges and applicable taxes. There are no other fees or upfront costs. The use of the website for guests and hosts is free.

For example, if the total amount pooled for an event is INR 10000, the charity will receive INR 9000, net of the fee of INR 1000.