In continuation to our last blog, of companies that give back to society, we have put together a new list here of Indian gifting brands that not only produce high-quality products but are extremely committed to the environment and the world around them. They make it super easy for the conscious consumer to choose a gorgeous gift that gives back to society as well. 


Pahadi Local

They focus on packing their skin and hair products with the goodness and freshness of the Himalayas, making them the perfect self-care gifts. As a brand, they are conscious to set limits to the supply chain and not strain the abundance of the Himalayas which may have an adverse effect on its ecosystem. Pahadi Local aims to give back as much as they can to the regions of the source through various green initiatives, fair pricing and cooperative structures that pave a path to development and betterment. In January 2018, they completed their first Pahadi Empower project by building solar panel heating systems in the community centre in Leh. This centre is used by the women self-help groups who collect their teas through the summer months.



India is home to the largest undernourished population in the world with over 20 crore people sleeping hungry every night. And The Plated Project has a simple idea with a very big goal: to end hunger. They join forces with talented artists to create one-of-kind plates printed with unique, beautiful art. When you buy one of these plates, you help put food on another person’s plate. And with every plate, they come a little closer to making sure no Indian sleeps hungry again.


put food on another person’s plate



They are a social enterprise in New Delhi which up-cycles waste fabric generated from apparel scraps to create handcrafted decorations by Afghan woman refugees in India. Their products are eco-friendly and support sustainable incomes that help in building communities of artisans.


No Nasties

No Nasties focuses on creating a consumer movement for organic and fair trade cotton to reduce farmer suicides in cotton farming in India. Starting from seed up, a No Nasties garment is a labour of love – love for the planet, 
love for fellow beings, love for good design. All their products are made from 100% organic cotton in a fair trade factory following vegan principles. Each product you pick helps farmers, factory workers and animals as well. They also plant a tree for every product you buy from them to help offset some of the carbon footprint of shipping your order and one for every day of their business existence (retroactively since April 2011) to help offset the company’s footprint too. The trees are planted in a rural area in Odisha (the same place where their organic cotton comes from) by 


100% organic cotton

Kay Beauty

At the heart of Kay Beauty, the beauty brand launched by Katrina Kaif and Nykaa, is the message of #MakeupThatKares. They have pledged to support the de’Haat Foundation in their effort to support daily-wage workers in rural Maharashtra. The brand is donating funds to this NGO to ensure that families of such workers in villages around the Bhandara district have access and basic sanitary material for sustenance.

Do read more about them here

sanitary material


And this is just a short list. There are 100s of brands that popped up when I did a basic search on Indian brands that give back to the community. It really does warm my heart to see more and more people and companies fully committed to the cause of sustainability and the future of our people and planet. I believe that the next decade will be a kinder better time for us and our children.