NGO Sankalptaru has taken an incredibly innovative step to promote eco-tourism at the Indo-
Pak border – they have planted 6,500 plants in the shape of ‘India’ in the Ghotaru area of
Jaisalmer district. The forest shaped like the India map will be visible from any flight or satellite.
This project was started in the monsoon of 2020 and will take 3 years to see completion.
Sankalp Taru was the one that came up with the idea and ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas
Corportation Limited) was the organisation that funded it from its annual CSR fund. The NGO’s
founder Apoorva Bhandari said that while they have previously planted many saplings in the
Leh and Ladakh areas, it was their first time planting 6,500 plants in an area where the summer
temperatures can soar up to 50 degrees Celsius!

As is their usual practice, the NGO will take care of the plants for three years and then hand it
over to the BSF. Taking it a step further, to develop this area as a picnic spot, ONGC will put
solar lights and provide other facilities.

Image Source: SankalpTaru

The Green India project has been made near the Bharatmala highway that passes through
Ghotaru. The forest is situated near Longewala, a popular tourist spot known for the War
Memorial honouring the Battle of Longewala 1971 and is 900 metres from the BSF checkpoint.
The location of the plantation was chosen to not only grow a mini forest, but also support the
local communities, who depend on livestock and animal husbandry with a cattle population of
around 15,000. Lack of grazing grounds make it challenging for the locals to generate sufficient
livelihood. This mini forest made up of Arjun, Seesam, Neem and Peepal trees, will help combat
the rising desertification in the region by improving ground water availability, and in turn help the
local communities in improving farming practices by growing fodder crops for their cattle and
prevent their migration to the cities.

Photo by Eyoel Kahssay on Unsplash

With projects ongoing all over the country, Sankalptaru makes it very easy for anyone to plant a
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