If you are tired of wracking your brains over what to gift your friends, as well as worried about the never-ending reciprocal behaviour of gifting back that follows, we have a solution for you. Gifting is about showing another person that you appreciate them or that you are thankful for the roles they play in your life. Thanks to social media, gifting, which ideally should be a token, has now gone to another level. We are overwhelmed with content that encourages us to gift shiny things that cost a lot of money. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with this, but it does put the recipient in a bit of a situation. They immediately want to reciprocate the generous gesture with something equally, if not more expensive. This creates a cycle of obligatory gifting that does no favours to either parties’ bank accounts. Furthermore, the gift may or may not be useful to the recipient in the first place.

So this is where Scift comes in. We believe that while every occasion deserves to be celebrated, special days become even more special by spreading joy. The idea is to be smart and conscious of the way you give a gift – something heartwarming and meaningful, yet creating a positive impact in some way or the other.


Why is this needed in a country like India?

India boasts a massive population. It is the second-largest country in the world. You can only imagine the kind of wealth floating around as the country grows. But, it is a developing country with a very high number of poor people living well below the poverty line. Poverty leads to so many things – lack of jobs and education, inaccessibility to affordable housing and compromised healthcare. 

Photo by Nikhita S on Unsplash
We are also a very rapidly growing population, so more and more houses are being built, and a wave of modernisation is sweeping through the country. To make way for this, forests and jungles are cut to make space for buildings. Mangroves that hold the city together are being cleared, and we are recklessly reclaiming land from the sea. All these measures are contributing to significant environment setbacks. The negative impacts extend not just to humans, but to animals too. They suffer the most and don’t even have a voice.  

Thankfully, NGO’s and charities across the country work tirelessly to help those that are in need. Whether it is people, animals or climate change, there are initiatives fighting the good fight for some cause or the other. Because without them, so many problems would go unchecked, creating far more significant issues than those that exist presently. This is why it is imperative that we contribute to the efforts of those making a positive difference.

What can you do with the help of Scift? 

Scift hopes to make a special day even more special by facilitating smart, meaningful and conscious gifting. Birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and just about anything that requires some form of gifting becomes a whole lot more significant when it has a social impact. Ever since our founder, Bhavna Kanoria, was a little girl, she followed a wonderful tradition. Aside from having a party, Bhavna and her family would pack a big box of all the things she loved and used through the year, to take and share with little children in a home nearby who didn’t have enough. Meeting those children and seeing the smiles on their faces brought her joy in a way that parties never could.

As an adult, Bhavna hopes to pass this tradition to her daughter, and through Scift, hopefully to many more people out there. Scift has partnered with NGOs doing incredible work with animals, children and women, the environment, skill development for young people and many more. You can find a cause that matters to you and invite others to contribute there instead of giving you a gift that will just be stored away and forgotten. The idea is to bring immeasurable joy to an already special occasion!


How does Scift Work?

    Create your event and share it with guests.

You will be asked to choose a charity you wish to support and to add details about your events. Next, simply enter your party details and guests’ email addresses and send your invitation. 


    Guests can contribute money into a gift fund instead of bringing individual gifts.

Your invitation will give your guests the option to contribute to a gift fund, which will be given to the charity of your choice. Guests who choose to contribute to your gift fund can send money online safely and easily using a credit card or other transfer options. 


  1. SHARE
    Your gift fund is shared with the charity of your choice. 

Scift will transfer the funds, minus the processing fees, to the charity to support the cause that is important to you. The charity will issue a tax receipt to you.


Frankly, the benefit of gifting with impact is two-fold. The emotional reward for the recipient is high. To know that on your special day, someone else’s life will have changed through social impact will keep the happy hormones flowing for a long time. Secondly, the impact that you create by contributing to a cause will always be positive. The person, organisation or cause will improve for the better through the positive impact you have added to their reach. 

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