Welcome to the world of Scift! We’re pioneering the concept of social gifting in India today. We
understand that you might not know what social gifting is or even why you should use it, so
we’ve tried to break this down for you – why and how you can use www.scift.com regardless of
the hat you wear in life and the role you play professionally.

If you’re a Parent…
If you’re a parent you’re in that lucky and powerful position to be a role model to your children.
Use Scift to teach your child the power of gratitude & to share their birthdays with other little
children who might not be as fortunate as them. Teach them how easy it is to donate towards a
charity on their birthdays.
Go to www.scift.com, click on ‘Create Event’ and help your child select a charity they love. They
will often surprise you with their generosity and large heartedness.
Result – A more grateful child, a home not scattered with toys you don’t want, and a lovely deed
done by you and your family.



An Enterpreneur…
If you’re have your own startup, use Scift to mark important milestones reached in your venture
by donating to someone in need. Maybe you could donate towards getting a poor graduating
student a laptop so they can follow their dreams like you have? Or donate towards a bright
student’s scholarship so they can go to their dream college and study?
Result – A milestone well celebrated by giving someone else a helping hand.



In the corporate world…
If you’re the CEO of a large company, use Scift to celebrate little wins at work – employee of the
month, most sales target achieved, a special birthday or annual festival gifts to clients. Does
anyone really need another diary or pen?
Result – Instead of spending company money on different memorabilia every year, your
company would have slowly helped another charity in the field of your choosing continue their
good work, and the society and community would prosper together.
Go to www.scift.com today and be a part of the revolution in the gifting world. Share your joyous
occasions with those less fortunate,
Help make the world a better place.